Update of the ENOTHE Board Meeting held in Amsterdam, Netherlands, 22–24 September 2016

Firstly the ENOTHE Board and office would like to thank Amsterdam School of Health Professions, Soemitro Poebodipoero and Stephanie Saenger (President of COTEC) for being excellent hosts. 


The Board had a guided tour of the new facilities led by Danée Arends, an Occupational Therapy student of the University.

The University provided an excellent lunch in the dining room and enabled new Board members to meet with our Colleagues from COTEC.


Financial Advisory Reference Group Meeting (FARG)

A FARG meeting took place in Abcoude, Amsterdam. Ton Satink and Luc Vercruysse met with the ENOTHE office staff and Ursula Gubler Thomann (Treasurer) to discuss ENOTHE finances. The role of FARG is to monitor how ENOTHE members’ money is being for used.



The new ENOTHE Board had three full days meetings as there is a great deal of work that the network requires progressing by the Board. Topics included working as a team, identifying roles and responsibilities, developing an action plan based upon the ENOTHE Strategy 2016 – 2020 and reviewing project applications.  The Board were very pleased to receive six project proposal applications.  All project applicants will receive a response in the very near future.

Discussion and evaluation took place following the first 2016 COTEC ENOTHE Congress held in Galway, Ireland and preparations for the 2017 ENOTHE Annual Meeting to be held in Zagreb, Croatia were considered.


OT-EU developments

Joint meetings took place between the two presidents and vice presidents, and the full ENOTHE Board and the COTEC Executive Committee with the focus being on how to progress OT-EU developments.


ENOTHE network sessions at Galway

For those of you who are able to attend the Joint COTEC-ENOTHE Congress in Galway 15 – 19 June 2016, here are some important events that are taking place.  We will be extremely pleased to see you at these specific ENOTHE sessions that we have included within the programme.

Thursday 16 June

  • 17.40 in the Anderson Theatre – Pre General Assembly – this session will focus on the proposed 5 Year ENOTHE Strategy (maximum 1 hour)
  • 17.40 in the D’Arcy Thompson Theatre – ENOTHE Student Forum (maximum 1 hour)

Friday 17 June

  • 17.30 in the Anderson Theatre – Pre General Assembly – this session will partly focus on the 2016 Finance budget to date, the proposed 2017 budget and discussions about developing a robust financial plan to support the proposed 5 Year ENOTHE Strategy (maximum 1 hour)
  • 17.30 in the D’Arcy Thompson Theatre – ENOTHE Student Forum (maximum 1 hour)

Saturday 18 June 13.50 onwards in the O’Flaherty Theatre

  • Hanneke van Bruggen Lecture delivered by Sylvie Meyer (see programme keynote speaker information on both the Joint COTEC-ENOTHE Congress and ENOTHE websites)
  • 2017 Annual Meeting hosts present Zagreb, Croatia 26 – 28 October 2017
  • The General Assembly 

We look forward to seeing you at these sessions – please come and support the ENOTHE network


ENOTHE Logo for website header

The COTEC-ENOTHE Joint Congress is now less than 2 months away. Organisation is in full swing and the buzz is building.

The vast majority of ENOTHE membership has been processed for 2016. The new directory list has been put together and now we are waiting to hear back from the last few members before we post the new directory in the members area of the website.

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