ENOTHE supports and promotes collaboration between European Occupational Therapy
educational members and relevant stakeholders by supporting the establishment of seed funded project groups.

The ENOTHE board sets aside a certain percentage of the annual budget for seed funding
project groups each year. The amount of seed funded project groups would have to be approved by the General Assembly each year. The number of projects will be determined by the amount of seed funding available.

ENOTHE seed funded projects shall contribute to advance and promote knowledge and collaboration in relation the aims and areas of the ENOTHE Strategy 2016-2020 and/or development of educational goals between European institutions/stakeholders. In particular, projects shall directly benefits ENOTHE members and strategic stakeholders.

ENOTHE seed funded projects are projects run by ENOTHE groups (at least 3 partners who are member of ENOTHE) focussing on projects with a clear implication on education. It has to be clear why ENOTHE members need the project and what their benefit is.

The applications are to be assessed in a first phase by a specially appointed review panel from OT Europe Register of Experts. Applicants will receive feedback from the panel after which applicants can adapt and resubmit proposals for a second round. Recipients of the ENOTHE projects seed funding will be presented during the Annual Meetings. Projects can start for the duration of maximum two years. After this period the project is expected to continue developing through other sources and findings e.g. Erasmus resources.


Interested in applying for a seed funded ENOTHE project?

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