Welcome to the website of the European Network of Occupational Therapy in Higher Education (ENOTHE).

ENOTHE is a non-profit organisation, funded by annual subscription membership and is concerned with the standards and quality of professional education of occupational therapists across Europe. 

One of the primary aims is to ensure that there is a robust educational system for European occupational therapists, which demonstrates comparability, high quality and flexibility to respond to changes in health and societal issues, policy and practice. Moreover, ENOTHE is committed to harmonising and improving standards of professional education, practice and research as well as advancing that body of knowledge of occupational therapy and occupational science throughout Europe. ENOTHE also seeks to ensure that the professional education produces graduates who are fit for the future and able to work within an evolving political context. 

ENOTHE was originally founded in 1995 and in December 2017 ENOTHE was registered as a legal form of an association non-governmental organisation (NGO) under Austrian law and entered in the Austrian register of associations.

ENOTHE has 100+ members spread across 36 countries worldwide – meet them using the map below. 


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