Host an Annual Meeting

Is your university/organisation interested in hosting future ENOTHE Annual Meetings?

The ENOTHE meeting is held each year at a different institution in a different European country. It is an opportunity to raise the profile of your Occupational Therapy programme/s at both a local and national level. 

If you are interested here are the steps to formally apply:

Step 1: Get acquainted with ENOTHE AM Host Protocol Guide (update April 24). Here you will find general information, procedures and expectations that are required in order to host a successful three day event.

Step 2: Complete the ENOTHE AM Bid Form , with signed authorisation from your head of the institution; or fill the online ENOTHE AM Host Application Form (it is sent automatically to our email – no need for step 3)

Step 3: Send the bid form to 

If you have any further queries, do not hesitate in contacting us.