ENOTHE Strategy 2021-2025

European Network of Occupational Therapy in Higher Education (ENOTHE) was originally founded in 1995 and is today, a non-profit network association funded by annual membership subscription.Ā  The overall objectives for the members are to stimulate and promote high quality of professional lifelong education of Occupational Therapy across Europe. In December 2017 ENOTHE was registered as a legal form of an association, becoming a non-governmental organisation (NGO) under Austrian law and entered in the Austrian register of associations. In 2020 ENOTHE had a total of 110 members spread across 37 countries worldwide.


Mission statement

The European Network of Occupational Therapy in Higher Education (ENOTHE) is a non-governmental association that contributes to the development of occupational therapy in Europe by promoting occupational therapy education. Ā It recognizes occupational therapists and occupational therapy educational programs need to be flexible and adaptive to the policy context they operate within, as well as future trends and emerging fields of practice, in order to remain sustainable, relevant and credible moving forward. ENOTHE focuses on its core business, online education, and through education be more strategic and proactive in addressing health, social and educational issues across the European region. As a network of universities, with the strong student voice being present, ENOTHE pro-actively partners with other stakeholders, thus contributing to the broader debate on education and its relation to health and social policy.


Strategic aims

  1. To demonstrate educate and disseminate the value and evidence of Occupational Therapy as contribution to European health and societal issues of individuals, communities and other stakeholders to increase the visibility of Occupational Therapy.
  2. To be actively engaged in advancing Occupational Therapy within European Higher Education systems in all three educational cycles (Bachelor, Master and PhD) through a solid research and interdisciplinary involvement.
  3. To create arenas to share knowledge in between educational institutions across Europe so that graduates of Occupational Therapy are fit for the future in changing social-cultural, technologicalĀ and political contexts.
  4. To be proactive in developing Occupational Therapy education which is comparable, sustainable, accessible and supports the internationalization at home and abroad of programs as well as the (virtual) mobility of students and teachers.


Consult here the ENOTHE Strategy Plan 2021-2025 full document:

ENOTHE Strategy 2021-2025

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Explanation of ENOTHE Strategy 2021-2025