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We are looking forward to receive your participation and will be most glad to support you in networking with all ENOTHE and SPOT members!


Regular Features of ENOTHE Members’ Newsletter are:

  • Message from the ENOTHE Board
  • News from Members
  • SPOT news
  • ENOTHE news and updates
  • News from Partners and Projects

Who can submit to ENOTHE Members’ Newsletter?

ENOTHE members can submit to the newsletter and in all the 3 issues of the year.
(Not an ENOTHE member? Find all information on how to become one here.)

What kind of articles should I submit for ENOTHE Members’ Newsletter?

  • Participation regarding news /developments in your programme of study;
  • Students’ activities of your programme of study;
  • Collaborations you are looking for or that are developed by you with other
  • ENOTHE seed funded project groups work developments;
  • Raise awareness about your institution miniSPOTs;
  • And other aspects that you consider relevant to the ENOTHE community


We would like to keep hearing from you all year round!

This means that you may send your participation whenever you like, and it will be
displayed on the next newsletter.

Note that articles are to be sent in for publication, a maximum of one week prior to the publication date. If sent afterwards, the article will be published in the next available newsletter.


ENOTHE Members’ Newsletter Publication 2024 Dates

Spring edition: Week of March 25th 2024 (send contribution by March 18th)

Summer edition: Week of July 8th 2024 (send contribution by July 1st)

Winter edition: Week of November 25th 2024 (send contribution by November 18th)


How to format and send my article for submission to the ENOTHE Members’ Newsletter?

You can send in your article just by using the Newsletter online submission formHERE.


You can send it via email. If so, please read the ENOTHE Newsletter Guidelines for Article submission on how to proceed.



All information sent (text and pictures) is from the sole responsibility of their owner /sender.
By sending an article submission to the ENOTHE Office you agree with the following:
images sent might be resized or selected to accommodate the ENOTHE Members’ Newsletter space configuration; all article submissions texts will be proofread prior to publication.

All publication is under ENOTHE Creative Commons license – AttributionNonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International.

The ENOTHE Board reserves the right to not publish submitted articles.

Note: after a Newsletter is published, no changes to submissions are possible.