Become a Member

Who can be an ENOTHE member?

Universities / Institutions with an Occupational Therapy programme

Organisations related with Occupational Therapy

Individuals within and/or related with Occupational Therapy 


What types of ENOTHE membership there are?

Ordinary MembershipContributing MembershipIndividual Membership

These are each subdivided based on World Bank Economic Status of the country: High Income, Upper Middle Income and Lower Middle Income. Use the link here to check your country status.

The Ordinary Membership of High Income countries, is then divided into high income country with the total number of students of more than 76 and high income country with the total number of students of 75 or less.


From 1 January 2023, a one-year 50% discount on membership fees is offered to all new members.


The membership fee is for the calendar year January to December each year. Please note that by paying 2023 membership fees you agree to the terms and conditions of the association constitution.

ENOTHE membership fees are expected to be paid until the 1st of May of each year.


ENOTHE representative 


For every ENOTHE Ordinary or Contributing member institution, an ENOTHE representative must be appointed. 

The ENOTHE representative has the honour to be the gateway between the member institution and the ENOTHE community.

This means that he/she has the position to create opportunities for students and staff to contribute to and benefit from international and intercultural exchange within occupational therapy education. Below we describe the expectations towards our main contact.

  • Be the ENOTHE ambassador within and outside your department
  • Share and spread ENOTHE activities and communications among staff and students
  • Share with ENOTHE interesting developments within your department by contributing to the newsletter (e.g. miniSPOT, projects, grant applications)
  • Support the annually membership fee procedure until completion
  • Forward any changes in contact details to
  • Inform yourself on spread General Assembly documents
  • Be present at the General Assembly for participation and voting (or ensure proxy-voting)
  • Support students and staff colleagues in submitting abstract for the annual meetings in collaboration with your colleagues
  • Facilitating and enabling students in participating in the annual meetings (e.g. funding, accreditation, time)
  • Facilitating and supporting the creation of miniSPOTs to increase internationalisation at your university. Consult the ‘MINI SPOT GUIDE‘.


The ENOTHE Board, office and community hopes to meet you soon!