Contributing Membership

Contributing Membership Eligibility

This membership type is for Occupational Therapy based Organisations and Businesses and also for Non-European Education Institutions.

An ENOTHE Representative is required as main contact person. Check the ENOTHE Representative expectations here.

Please note: Those eligible for contributing membership are not able to vote at the Annual General Assembly.


Contributing Membership Price Structure

High Income
Upper-Middle Income
Lower-Middle Income

From 1 January 2023, a one-year 50% discount on membership fees is offered to all new contributing members.

The membership fee is for the calendar year January to December each year and is to be paid until the 1st of May of each year.

By paying ENOTHE membership fees you agree to the terms and conditions of the association constitution.


Become a Contributing Member

To become a contributing member, please fill the ENOTHE Membership Application Form. After your form submission we will send you the link to make payment. Your membership is only effective after payment completion.


Continuing a Contributing Membership
ENOTHE membership is automatically renewed, until further notice from the contributing member. Existing members will be emailed during January of each year with the invoice for payment. 

Note: Membership can be terminated according to the stated at paragraph 6 of the ENOTHE Constitution.  

We only send emails regarding membership to the contact listed as the ENOTHE representative at each institution. Therefore, we recommend that you email to tell us if any contact details change.