Ordinary Membership

Ordinary Membership
For European Educational Institutions that teach Occupational Therapy. Institutional Members are required to teach Occupational Therapy at either or both Undergraduate and Postgraduate level that is of a parallel standard across Europe. Institutional Membership covers the whole institution and all its occupational therapy academics and students, we just require a representative to help us coordinate the information and resources we send out.

Please note: Those eligible for ordinary membership are able to vote at the Annual General Assembly.


Ordinary Membership Price Structure

High Income Country (programmes with 76 total students or more)High Income
Country (programmes with 75 total students or less)
Upper-Middle Income
Lower-Middle Income

From 1 January 2023, a one-year 50% discount on membership fees is offered to all new members.

The membership fee is for the calendar year January to December each year. Please note that by paying 2023 membership fees you agree to the terms and conditions of the association constitution.

ENOTHE membership fees are expected to be paid until the 1st of May of each year.


New Ordinary Members

To become an ordinary member, please email us at info@enothe.eu expressing your interest. You will be required to fill in an Application Form and a link to make payment for ENOTHE membership via our online shop will be sent.


Existing Ordinary Members
Existing members will be emailed automatically when membership renewal is due. The email will contain the payment invoice. We only send emails regarding membership to the contact listed as the ENOTHE representative at each institution. Therefore, we recommend that you email info@enothe.eu to tell us if any contact details change.