EYFD 2015

The European Year – what is it about?

There has been one every year since 1983.  The European Union (EU) choose a specific topic each year to encourage debate and dialogue in order to change attitudes within and between European Countries

European Year for Development 2015

Our World –  Our Dignity – Our Future

This is the first year ever to be devoted to the external actions of the EU.

Firstly it is about informing citizens of the EU what has been done and achieved and what will continue to be done and achieved by highlighting the globally important and leading role played by the EU and member states in combating poverty around the world

Secondly it is to mobilise citizens to get involved, to engage critically and to take on an active interest in the work and resources that the EU and member states are investing in development cooperation. To encourage citizens to be active participants in debates an in the implementation of development policies

Thirdly development cooperation should not be seen as a charity but as an expression of joint responsibility and opportunity between people living in the developing world and people in the developed world including the EU.  With the help of the EU if developing countries succeed to grow their economies and the well-being of their citizens, this in turn will create new markets which will ultimately benefit our economies too.

Simply put it is about development around the entire world.

This is an opportunity for academics, students and others at to share, debate and critically engage with the topic area at our Annual Meeting in Ruse Bulgaria. We are keen to see some examples of development work that you have been engaged with.

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