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Dear members,
Following ENOTHE’s priority area of Education, ENOTHE aims to support, develop
and improve educational programs for European occupational therapists that are
comparable, of high quality, relevant and responsive to societal changes through
ENOTHE Center of Learning & Exchange (ECOLE). ECOLE follows ENOTHE
Strategy Plan and plays a significant role in building high-quality Occupational
Therapy and Occupational Science Education. At an operational level, ECOLE
systemises, facilitates and supports members and other stakeholders to be active
in interaction and building up partnerships to reach those goals and complete
diverse activities.
ECOLE has prioritized several actions for this year and one of them is the start of
revision and update of the tuning competencies. During the past years, many of
our members have identified as a priority and expressed the need for revision and
update of the Tuning competencies of our profession along with many
achievements in the field and knowledge advancements. Besides, a need to build
up frameworks that would be more culturally and contextually sensitive was
identified. Starting from this point ENOTHE Think Tank 2021-22 labour and
multiple talks with the experts helped us to imagine and design how to start this
process. Further on, we have contacted to TUNING ACADEMY of the University of
Groningen, and Occupational Therapy was invited to be a 6th subject area in
Measuring and Comparing Achievements of Learning Outcomes in Higher
Education in Europe (CALOHEE) project.
This letter intends to invite you to apply for the task force, which will initiate and
implement this process. You can find below a detailed “job/task description”, the
rationale of the project, and the flow chart. We will recruit 15 academics from
different countries and a student representative. The task force will work in tight
collaboration with ENOTHE Board and CALOHEE Tuning team.
We are happy you are joining this amazing adventure.
Yours sincerely,
ENOTHE Board and Think Tank.

Find all details here: ENOTHE invitation for Tuning ; Appendix 1Appendix 2

Deadline: June 15th, 2022


EU (ec.europa.eu) open calls that you might want to apply and/or apply with us (click the links to access):


EUCalls.net reference document: European Funding Explained & How to Obtain it – from the 1st EUcalls Online Workshop entitled “Seizing EU Funding Opportunities” – September 2021.