The results of the pre-General Assembly workshops dedicated to E.C.O.L.E., during the 25th Annual Meeting in Athens 2019, showed the need to have an interactive platform for channeling the needs of the members and spinning off the educational initiatives, ensuring that the members are active. The members gave feedback on the proposed blueprint 2.0.

The incorporated changes helped to recognise E.C.O.L.E. as a liaison of ENOTHE member institutions for advancing Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science knowledge to build sustainable and culturally relevant field high-quality OT education. This education will go in line with European and world policies when meeting societal needs. It will lead to sustainable education and capacity building through advanced networking.

E.C.O.L.E. is another action unit of ENOTHE Association that systemises facilitates and supports members and other stakeholders to be active in interaction and building up partnerships. The aims of these partnering will strive for development, professionalisation and quality enhancement of Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science education that tackles the profession and societal needs across Europe.

The ENOTHE student board member is a part of the think tank and has a crucial role in collaborative decisions and suggestions of SPOTeurope for the actions of the think tank.

ENOTHE Centre of Learning & Exchange (E.C.O.L.E.) follows ENOTHE strategic plan and constitution principles.