COVID-19 and Teach

The spreading of COVID- 19 is affecting our lives and we all may experience new challenges either in our personal, professional and community levels.

As Occupational Therapists, we focus on helping others to overcome obstacles that affect the performance of our daily occupations.

For this reason, the ENOTHE board, we would like to encourage you to share practices in teaching Occupational Therapy remotely from home. We are keen to see and share ideas on how we continue to teach and learn together with students. For this purpose, a trigger video was created from our board member Dr. Panagiotis Siaperas and an example video was created by an ENOTHE member institution, the Metropolitan College in Greece.

Please go ahead and share with us either in social media (Facebook and Twitter) or by email, your practices as academics or students and how you continue to be engaged in distance learning (i.e. creative solutions to teaching, learning and quality assurance) and how you have found new meanings or occupations while being at home. For example, when adapting practice-based classes, links to open resources, and skills training. Another example can be the ways how you encourage socially responsive learning treating challenges provoked by Covid-19 in your lessons (community approaches, meaningful occupation vs anxiety, etc.).

It could be a short mp4 video (up to 60 seconds and 6MB), photos, leaflets, messages and short testimonials of OT teachers and students. Please note that you can send either in English or in your native language.

Let’s share how we adapt in OT education and we overcome difficulties with inspiring ideas.


See below a collection of contributions and resources:


Corona Survey Results – Department of Rehabilitation Sciences of the University of Ghent – Belgium. Goal: map the impact of Covid-19 on your meaningful activities.


COVID-19 and Teach compilation of ENOTHE member contributions (July 2020)


WFOT Minimum Standards for the Education of Occupational Therapists (revised 2016) related to COVID-19 pandemic – Statement 


UNESCO COVID-19 Educational Disruption and Response


EFAD Nutritional information to help health professionals working with COVID-19
EFAD has collated information from dietitians from around Europe which we have shared on our web site. 
Shared by: Judith Liddell – Executive Director – The European Federation of the Associations of Dietitians (EFAD). EFAD – the voice of European Dietitians 


Guide for managing the disruption to daily life caused by COVID-19 
COVID-19 is causing widespread disruption to daily life for people across the world. While supporting social distancing restrictions to keep our communities safe, we also need to be mindful of how these current changes can impact on other aspects of health: including our mental health, fitness and occupational health. This guide discusses aspects of daily life — things that you probably always took for granted and now are having to re-think. An occupational therapy framework is used to consider how productivity, leisure, self-care, your space, routine and roles may be impacted and to present suggestions and examples of how to adapt and manage the disruptions. This has been designed to help everyday people adapt to the changes. A poster is also available for use in clinics or other public spaces. The links and/or pdf guide and poster may be shared freely.
See the Poster here
Shared by: Lorrae Mynard – PhD Candidate (Occupational Therapy), School of Primary and Allied Health Care, Monash University, Australia in partnership with Occupational Therapy Australia