2016 Oct JIP report for ENOTHE_final

Joint International Project (JIP) on Health Promotion and Self-Management: Bridging education, practice, and research through international projects by and with students

The JIP was initiated in 2012 and officially started in November 2012 at an international meeting hosted by the HAN University of Applied Sciences (HAN-IPS) in the Netherlands. In 2013, the occupational therapy departments of the fh gesundheit (fhg – University of Applied Sciences Tyrol) in Innsbruck, Austria, the ZHAW in Winterthur, Switzerland, and the HAN University of Applied Sciences in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, started a pilot where students from all three institutions have worked together in a joint project, and met in person in Innsbruck in December 2013. In May 2014, a second meeting for lecturers and researchers as part of the JIP was organized at the HAN University of Applied Sciences in Nijmegen. Ten institutions in allied health care higher education (multi-professional) were present at this meeting. All participating institutions expressed a need for more international activities and possibilities for working together, particularly as far as students’ involvement is concerned. During the meeting in May 2014, the partner institutions agreed upon the further development of a ‘Joint International Project’ (JIP). Moreover, the OT-departments decided to apply for funding of the ENOTHE for further development of the OT-part of the JIP.

Project phase I

Report of the ENOTHE JIP-Project Group (PDF 564.2 kB) – September 2015

Progress Report – ‘Working Activities and Process in 2015…

May, 2015, Porto
– Mono-disciplinary meeting (OT)
o Identifying research themes
o Identifying time lines and timeframes in different institutions for bachelor and master students who like to join the JIP
o Discussing refinements of ‘description of JIP’, leading to a future study guide
– Multi-disciplinary meeting
o Identifying research theme
o Further developing Moodle platform to be used by new member institutions and students
o Reflection upon and refinement of the aim of the JIP
o Discussing refinements of ‘description of JIP’, leading to a future study guide
o Discussing the need for a ‘JIP project proposal form’

June-September 2015
– Refinements of a ‘description of the JIP’, leading to a future study guide
– Develop a ‘JIP project proposal form’.
– Preparation of the JIP meeting in Innsbruck at the fhg.
– Preparation of the workshop for ENOTHE 2015 by staff of the HAN and the fhg in cooperation with others.
– Preparation of the presentation for ENOTHE 2015 by a Master student from Brunel University, UK.
– Start of Dutch and Belgium OT-students in new JIP projects.
– Finishing JIP projects of:
o 1 Master student from Brunel University, UK;
o 4 Bachelor students from HAN University, the Netherlands;
o 2 Master students from the fhg, Austria
o 2 Bachelor students from the fhg, Austria.

October 2015
– Writing up report first phase
– ENOTHE meeting:
o Workshop about JIP by staff
o Presentation of JIP project of student from Brunel University
– Preparing abstract for ENOTHE/COTEC meeting in Galway 2016

Future Activities
Although there have been some meetings and developments, there is still work to do to strengthen the network and organise the joint activities.
– The workshop prepared for the ENOTHE meeting in Bulgaria (October 2015) has the intention to inform and attract colleagues from other international Bachelor and Masters programmes.
– The JIP meeting in Innsbruck (December 2015) has the intention to work on a refinement of procedures, the MOODLE platform to share products and documents of the JIP (database), and to discuss project topics and research lines between JIP partners. Moreover, the two-days meeting in Innsbruck will give students and staff the possibility to meet, to attend presentations about health promotion and self-management, and to discuss the meaning of this for the professional development.
– The abstract for the COTEC/ENOTHE meeting in Galway (June 2016) will be prepared, as well as a joint meeting to work on a further development of the JIP.

Project phase II

Final Report of the ENOTHE JIP-Project Group (PDF 580.1 kB) – October 2016

Appendix 1 to the Final JIP Report (PDF 459.9 kB)

Student handbook Joint International Project (PDF 452.6 kB) – Version 1.01, October 2016