Master competences in OT

Describing Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science relevant Master competences:
A contribution to international cooperation and tuning in OT education within ENOTHE

Progress Report January-September 2015

Meeting at the University of Applied Sciences Tyrol (FHG) in Innsbruck, Austria- June 29-30 2015.

Participating Group Members:- Alison Laver-Fawcett (UK), Daphne Kos (B), Fenna van Nes (NL/Euromaster), Sandra Schiller (D), Ursula Costa [Pier Paolo Pasqualoni] (A); via skype: Lise Poissant and Marc Rouleau (CAN/Qu).

Discussed During Meeting
• Following up on our report/on project phase 1
• To compare, describe, document and highlight OT specific competences/learning outcomes at a Master’s level, referring to Masters programmes in OT and/as compared to interdisciplinary Masters programmes – second cycle
• International collaboration between Master programmes in OT, including student and staff mobility
• The Tuning competencies as our starting point to map the different learning objectives/competencies targeted by our programmes. It could be interesting to examine the different competences or learning objectives that were ‘left out’ following this exercise. This appears as an essential step to ensure that the full richness of our respective programs is not hidden by the process we chose. Actually, looking at what was left out could be informative to ENOTHE.
• Decisions on further project group meetings
• Preparation workshops at ENOTHE meetings (Bulgaria; Ireland): submission of abstracts, leading the workshops
• Discuss project budget

Planned Meetings
• One-day meeting prior to ENOTHE meeting (Oct 20th 2015) in Ruse (Bulgaria) & workshop during conference
• Two-day meeting in Belgium, March 3rd-March 4rd 2016 in Leuven
• ENOTHE meeting 2016, Galway/Ireland – pre-meeting & workshop


Final Report of the ENOTHE Master 1-Project Group (PDF 891 kB) – January 2015

Final Report of the ENOTHE Master 2-Project Group (PDF 711.6 kB) – March 2017


In 2020, the group team has published the article “Comparing Masters programmes’ curricula to facilitate exchange and collaboration: a case in occupational therapy education” (final manuscript prior to publication). Final version available here.

Authors / group members are: Ursula Costa, Daphne Kos, Debbie Kramer-Roy,  Alison Laver-Fawcett, Isabel Margot-Cattin,  Pier Paolo Pasqualoni, Lise Poissant, Marc Rouleau, Sandra Schiller, Fenna van Nes.