Student Board Member

Vanessa Rozalina

Student Board Member

(Oct 2021 – Oct 2023)

Affiliation: Hogeschool van Arnhem and Nijmegen (HAN), The Netherlands


Roles/Duties for the year 2021/22:

ENOTHE Strategy; ENOTHE Annual Meeting 2022, 2023 contact person; ENOTHE SPOT and Student engagement liaison; ENOTHE Centre of Learning & Exchange (ECOLE).


What is the main achievement of your career in OT?

Being a member of ENOTHE and SPOTeurope, as well as having the opportunity to represent the student’s voices within these two boards.

What do I have to offer to ENOTHE?

Bringing in my passion for internationalisation, student perspectives, and my enthusiasm to contribute ideas that will help grow the ENOTHE network into different countries and the development of OT-Europe.

What are your dreams concerning the future of ENOTHE?

Cultivating the partnership between SPOTeurope and ENOTHE and thus a strong collaboration between students and OT lecturers/researchers to prepare OT students for the future. Another dream would be to connect and support students with international events to broaden their horizons about Occupational Therapy globally. As a student board member, another aim would also be to create more miniSPOTs across Europe and in other countries and connect OT students from other countries to increase student networking