European Forum of Primary Care Newsletter – Новости EFPC

“Dear EFPC members,
With the help of our Ukrainian members, one still living in Kharkiv and the other fled from her house in Kyiv to Vienna, we prepare three times per week special newsletters about the Ukrainian war in Russian language.
These are short newsletters including news items about the health and humanitarian situation in Ukraine and neighbouring countries and quoting well respected Russian persons or institutes who oppose the war and their government.
We would like to reach as many as possible Russian colleagues in order to keep them informed about what is happening in Ukraine as the information gap is growing further due to the fact that all international and national news agencies are very much restricted in their way of presenting news to the Russian population.
Our request to our EFPC members is simple: please disseminate this newsletter to all your Russian and Bela-Russian contacts!
The first newsletters are available on our website.
If you wish to receive the version via our Mailchimp mailing list, please send a message to the EFPC secretariat.
Thanks to all of you for your support.
EFPC secretariat”