COVID-19 and Teach

Dear valued ENOTHE friends (teachers & students),

The spreading of COVID- 19 is affecting our lives and we all may experience new challenges either in our personal, professional and community levels. As Occupational Therapists, we focus on helping others to overcome obstacles that affect the performance of our daily occupations. For this reason, as a board, we would like to encourage you to share practices in teaching Occupational Therapy remotely from home. We are keen to see and share ideas on how we continue to teach and learn together with students. For this purpose, a trigger video was created from our board member Dr. Panagiotis Siaperas and an example video was created by an ENOTHE member institution, the Metropolitan College in Greece.

Please go ahead and share with us either in Social Media (Facebook and Twitter or by email ) your practices as academics or students and how you continue to be engaged in distance learning (i.e. creative solutions to teaching, learning and quality assurance)and how you have found new meanings or occupations while being at home. For example, when adapting practice-based classes, links to open resources, and skills training. Another example can be the ways how you encourage socially responsive learning treating challenges provoked by Covid-19 in your lessons (community approaches, meaningful occupation vs anxiety, etc.). It could be short mp4 videos (up to 60 seconds and 6MB), photos, leaflets, messages and short testimonials of OT teachers and students. Let’s share how we adapt in OT education and we overcome difficulties with inspiring ideas.

With all our best wishes from ENOTHE board & office. Take care and take care of each other.

On behalf of the whole ENOTHE board,

Soemitro Poerbodipoero

President ENOTHE




2nd COTEC-ENOTHE Joint Congress

September 23rd – 27th, 2020 – Prague, Czech Republic

The planning and preparations of the 2nd COTEC-ENOTHE Joint Congress is in full swing. There is only one year to go to the congress and we would like to remind you of the following:

Abstract submission is open and extended. Abstracts can be submitted until October 14 , 2019 so make sure you submit soon!

The theme of the Congress is “Occupational Therapy Europe – building resilience in individuals, communities and countries” In response to the positive suggestions on and questions about the theme the scientific and organizing committee emphasize that the congress aims to relate occupation and occupational therapy practice, research and education to the broadest interpretation of resilience by addressing the question: „In which way do you think your research, education and practice contributes to a resilient, more adaptable and flexible future of individuals, families and (professional) communities. Congress objectives are to share knowledge, discuss strategies addressing the challenges and barriers of resilience and identify best practices and experiences.
We welcome abstract submissions that represent the understanding resilience from an occupational therapy perspective, as well as those that present resilience models and its challenges from interdisciplinary point of view. We strive towards an inclusive and accessible congress. Applicants should not be concerned that indirect relation with the theme will be a reason to reject abstracts. Reviewers will be instructed aligned with the assignment of the Scientific Committee to create a program with resilience as a ‘common thread’ throughout. Reviewing the submitted abstracts is a crucial part of preparing the Scientific Program of the conference and Abstract reviewers will be selected from the registrations the Organizing Committee has received.
Registration opens in January 2020, make sure to register before the early-bird registration closes. Follow the dates on the Congress website
The 2nd COTEC-ENOTHE Congress 2020 with over 1.000 expected congress delegates will provide excellent marketing and sponsorship opportunities to our partners. Please see the Partnership prospectus and contact the Congress
You are welcome to follow the Congress 2020 developments also on social media:
Facebook and Twitter @cotecenothe2020 

On behalf of the Organising and Scientific Committees we wish you all warmly welcome to the 2nd COTEC-ENOTHE Congress next year!

Warm regards,
On behalf of the Scientific and Organising Committees,
Ursula Gubler-Thomann (ENOTHE Treasurer), Soemitro Poerbodipoero (Vice President ENOTHE) & Anu Söderström (COTEC Vice President Administration)

For queries about abstract submission please contact: 


Twitter @cotecenothe2020 


ICIC20 – 20th International Conference on Integrated Care

The 20th International Conference on Integrated Care (ICIC20) will take place in Amadria Park Convention Centre, Šibenik, Croatia from 27-29 April 2020. The conference is a partnership with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Croatia, the City of Zagreb, Health Center Zagreb – Centar, Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, University of Zagreb, Libertas International University and the Catholic University of Croatia . The conference attracts 1000 researchers, clinicians and managers from over 60 countries, who are engaged in the design and delivery of integrated health and social care.

The conference will build on themes from previous years and would like to include in this year’s programme papers that are focusing on the following areas:

  • Meeting the challenges of integrated care in early development, childhood and transitional care in adolescents
  • Integrated community care approaches for better management of diseases with a stigmatizing effect, including for example mental health and addiction issues
  • Better managing the care of vulnerable populations including for example war veterans, and preventing isolation and loneliness
  • Integrating survivorship, caring for carers, palliative and end-of-life care
  • Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital tools in the people-centred integrated care

You can may find more information on the conference website, including partnership opportunities and the guidelines for abstract submission.

(***Call for Papers extended to Friday, 11 October 2019***)


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