Occupational Therapy Europe

The Coordinating Group of Occupational Therapy Europe, consisting of presidents and vice presidents of the three branches COTEC, ENOTHE and ROTOS had their face-to-face meeting in Abcoude on January 25, 2018.

The highlights of the meeting were:

  • ENOTHE has become a legal entity under the Austrian law.
  • The ENOTHE office contract with York St John University will end in May 2018 and the ENOTHE office will be run by home based employee(s). The Occupational Therapy Europe office is still in development. OT-EU Coordinating Group is in favour for having a representative in Brussels.
  • ROTOS will provide information papers about stroke and mental health to promote and explain the profession as was requested. In future more of these papers will be produced.

The possible change of the Occupational Therapy Europe abbreviation “OT-EU” to “OT-Eu” was discussed to better suit those COTEC Member associations from non-EU countries.  Followed by the discussion in the COTEC Executive meeting, it was decided there is no need to change the abbreviation or logo. It was, however, pointed out that the full name “Occupational Therapy Europe” should be used in documents and correspondence along with the logo with full name. Promotional material will be ordered to be used by all branches.

The development of Occupational Therapy Europe will be continued.

The Occupational Therapy Europe Coordinating group will meet face-to-face twice a year, alongside other meetings. The next meeting will be held in Portugal, October 8, 2018.