To support the development of occupational therapy education in relation to knowledge of the concepts and practice of participatory citizenship.

Project Team:

Hetty Fransen-Jaïbi – Ecole Supérieure de Sciences et Techniques de la Santé, University of Tunis- El Manar, Tunis, Tunisia.

Ines Viana-Moldes – Faculty of Health Sciences, Universidade da Coruña, Spain.

Sarah Kantartzis – Division of Occupational Therapy and Arts Therapies, Queen Margaret University, Musselburgh, Edinburgh, EH21 6UU. UK.

Nick Pollard – Occupational Therapy and Vocational Rehabilitation, Faculty of Health and Wellbeing, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, UK.


ENOTHE citizenship II Project group Final Report 2018-2019

Progress Report – ‘Summary of activities November 2013 – October 2016:

This report will include the activities and budget for the original two year period of the group, November 2013 to October 2015, and for the one year extension that was approved (November 2015 – October 2016).

Aims of the ENOTHE Citizenship group for the coming period:

To further explore an occupation-based approach to citizenship within Europe, which will further inform occupational therapy education.

Proposed Activities:

  • Complete the analysis from the first consultation-questionnaires
  • Prepare a journal article/report: Background of the group process, statement and results of analysis with discussion, which will provide supporting information for the education of occupational therapy students.
  • Undertake a scoping review of the occupational therapy/occupational science literature related to citizenship. Include a critique of the position of OT /OS in relation to the wider literature (e.g. disability studies/ international organisations)
  • Prepare a workshop for the WFOT Congress in Japan 2014 entitled: “Doing citizenship and being a citizen”.
  • Develop a research proposal, based on: Exploring local experiences of citizenship. Possible methodologies – focus groups/ discussions/ photovoice. Participants: services users/community members and professionals.
  • Present the research proposal for Ethical approval to the four European Universities involved.
  • Prepare a workshop for the 20th ENOTHE Annual Meeting in 2014 and the 21st ENOTHE annual meeting in 2015.

ENOTHE Citizenship Project Group Final Report 2013-2016 (PDF 108.9 kB)

Progress Report – Summary of activities October 2012 – October 2015:

2013 was the European Year of Citizens. On behalf of ENOTHE Board and Office, the present group was founded to explore the position of occupational therapy research, education and practice in relation to citizenship, from October 2012 to October 2013.

Following the group’s proposal the ENOTHE board agreed that the group continue to work as an ENOTHE project group for a further two years from October 2013 to October 2015.

The annual reports for 2014 and 2015 outline the work of the group during these periods’.

Proposed Activities for Extended Period until October 2016:

…request to extend the time period of the group for one further year in order to complete the following activities:

  • Scoping Review (2 journal articles) (proposed submission date October 2016)
  • Book chapter for book ‘Occupation based Social Inclusion’ (submission date December 2015)
  • Presentation at COTEC/ENOTHE conference 2016 (June 2016)’

ENOTHE Citizenship Project Group Report October 2012 – October 2015 (PDF 199.5 kB)