Project Background:

For several years prior to 2016, and starting with just three partners at first, the
institutions mentioned above had run an annual joint online course (“Intercultural Case
Comparison@home”), based on peer-assisted learning, in which students from the partner
institutions work together to establish a comparative research report about OT approaches and Health Care provisions concerning specific client groups in their respective countries and discuss an OT-related topic (mostly connected to the European theme of the year).The course proved to be an excellent and flexible model for enhancing students’ learning and increase their generic, subjectspecific and international competences alike. At the same time, the course was met with interest by other ENOTHE members while the original partners’ group had reached a size not to be exceeded to stay manageable.

1. To share and promote the ICC@home model for the ENOTHE members – “spread the word”
2. To develop the model further into “COPILOT” (Cooperative Online Peer-assisted and
Intercultural Learning in Occupational Therapy”) in order to extend students’ and institutions opportunities in international learning.

Project Team:

Elisabeth Fattinger (FH JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences, Austria)

Sabine Hendriks (ZHAW, Switzerland); Renée Mulders (HAN, The Netherlands)

Ulla Pott and Bettina Weber (Zuyd Hogeschool, The Netherlands)

Dr. Maria Prellwitz (LuleĂĄ Technical University, Sweden)

Jens Schneider (University of Brighton, UK)

Dr. Liliya Todorova (University of Ruse, Bulgaria)

Siska Vandemaele (HOWEST, Belgium)


Final report Project ICC COPILOT 31.10.2018 (PDF 714 kB)

Practical Tips for starting your own COPILOT learning project (PDF 1184 kB)