Research in Occupational Therapy & Occupational Science (ROTOS) Developments

The last few months has been a period of ‘evolution’ for ROTOS (the evolving third part of OT-Europe). The members of the standing committee have undertaken the following activity in close collaboration with COTEC and ENOTHE:

• Esther Steultjens attended the research meeting of the “To Reach Consortium” in Brussels and The Hague. ROTOS is involved in setting the European research agenda for the future. In addition, there were consultations by surveys for the Horizon Europe Agenda (the next programme for EU research when Horizon 2020 is finished). Occupation-based knowledge is advocated and expected as an important asset for future health care in Europe.
• The WFOT Congress in Cape Town in May provided us with more researchers in Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science that joined the ROTOS evolving network. Collaborations on topics to be addressed in the Cost-Grant application that have been organised there as well. We are also joined by Professors in other fields of health care research.
• The Department of Occupational therapy of the Radboud University Medical Hospital, which is part of the Rehabilitation Department, will be the hosting organisation for the COST-Grant application. The application will be part of the OT-research group that will be strengthened with a professorship in the nearby future.
• Niall Turner represented ROTOS at the conference of the Royal College of Occupational Therapy in the UK. His presentation focused on the development of ROTOS and strong networking with COTEC and ENOTHE. This will assist in developing strong foundations for Occupational Therapy in Europe.
• The ROTOS standing committee is in the process of investigating the best form for legal status for ROTOS to take. For this purpose, a survey is taking place with both ENOTHE and COTEC members.
More information about the activity of ROTOS: there will be a workshop planned to take place at the 24th Annual meeting ENOTHE held on October 2018 in Portugal and at the ROTOS webpage (