Netherlands ’14

Between the 23rd-25th of October Academics, Students and Professionals met at HAN University, Nijmegen in The Netherlands

For our 20th ENOTHE Annual Meeting

The EU themes of 2014 was:
– Year of Reconciling Work and Family Life in Europe
– Year of the Brain

logos EU 14

With over 20 Workshops, 40 Presentations and quality Keynote Addresses
See below for a selection of the presentations from the great program

[ezcol_1third]-A students view on the experience with the course ‘system-consciously work’ 

-Adult AD(H)D World Cafe Workshop

-International Benchmarking

-Difference as catalysts for professional learning

-Do Practice Educators require support when supervising a student with disabilities

-ENOTHE project group on citizenship

-Examining the wider context of Evidence based Occupational Therapy 

-HEA project- a multidisciplinary R&D project targeting living conditions for elderly

-Inclusion of people with cognitive impairments

-Informing society about dementia[/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_1third]-Interprofessional Fieldwork Placements

-Is there a place for Occupational Therapy in Scottish schools?

-Keynote: Competences in a Global and European context

-Keynote: Introduction to the 2015 European Theme for Development

-Keynote: Meaningful activity as a health promoting factor

-Keynote: The Dutch design of co-creation

-Learning Neuro-anatomy the Occupational Therapy way!

-Making Internationalization possible

-Community Development Project in a secluded area of Amsterdam

-Occupational transitions in young transgender adults

-Sensorimotor Processing and Central Coherence in Autism[/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_1third_end]-Students involved in life-course research

-The impact of having a disabled child on Pakistani parents’ employment opportunities

-The locked-in syndrome from an occupational therapy perspective

-The power of students in research projects

-The use of Dialectical Behavioural Therapy strategies for children in crisis

-Training for caregivers’ support with the Red Cross

-Valued qualities exhibited by Occupational Therapy Students

-Volunteers with cognitive impairments engage in greeting card making for improved well-being

-Wellbeing at work to enhance wellbeing at home[/ezcol_1third_end]

There was also the customary ENOTHE social activities to help our participants relax and network

Click here if you’d like to see an extensive range of pictures of the ENOTHE Annual Meeting 2014
provided by Juliane Stöcker and Saskia Jonker

Also check out the ENOTHE members Top 80 Music Playlist
-as prepared by HAN OT students Annelot Wennekes & Ravèll Mastail