COHEHRE Webinar – Thu 24.09.20, 16:30 CET



Ergonomically-friendly online lectures for both lecturer and students


At the start of the Corona crisis, many lecturers and students had to switch from real-life to online lectures, all of a sudden. As a result, the time spend on the computer and sedentary behaviour has increased. In this webinar we will, after going through some basics, offer practical tips and tricks on how to include principles of ergonomics in online lectures. This in order to reduce sedentary behaviour on the one hand, and encourage an ergonomic position while working on the computer on the other, for both lecturer and students.

Monia Vereecken, researcher and lecturer PXL University College, Hasselt (Belgium)
Goele Theuwissen, lecturer PXL University College, Hasselt (Belgium)

Huget Désiron, PXL & ACT Desiron, (Belgium)

Myriam Westhoven, researcher and lecturer PXL University College, Hasselt (Belgium)

Lisa Basile, PXL University College, Hasselt (Belgium)


Date and time
Thursday September 24, 2020 at 16.30 CET



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