ENOTHE Citizenship II Project Group – Update

Hello ENOTHE members,

It’s nice to be in contact during the year!!! The ENOTHE Citizenship II Project Group (we) would like to share with you our group news – processes and products – since our meeting in Zagreb!!!

– In the “back group garden” we are working hard on the citizenship literature and the development of educational materials… challenging occupational therapy education towards a collective movement to understanding of occupations transforming participatory citizenship ….

– We are very happy to announce the recently published article:

Nick Pollard, Sarah Kantartzis, Mubarak Musa Ismail, Hetty Fransen-Jaïbi & Ines Viana- Moldes (2018): The occupation of accessing healthcare and processes of (dis)citizenship in UK Somali migrants: Sheffield case study, World Federation of Occupational Therapists Bulletin, DOI: 10.1080/14473828.2018.1434989.

– We also had two abstracts accepted for the WFOT 2018 Congress in South Africa: an oral presentation “Models of citizenship across socio-cultural spaces. Inspiring educational approaches” and a poster “Meaningful occupation as a fundamental principle of health and citizenship”. Hopefully, we can meet some of you there to enjoy and reflect together!

See you at the 24th ENOTHE Annual Meeting 2018 – Portugal! There we will be able to share these new adventures…. it’s always a challenge and a pleasure living together.

Thanks for your trust.

Inés Viana, Hetty Fransen, Sarah Kantartzis and Nick Pollard.