International Mobility Week Amsterdam

Dear Colleagues,

We hope that most of you have made a great start to the new school year. Prior to the summer I had contact with some of you about our international mobility week in Amsterdam. For others I am reaching out for the first time to see if you and your students would like to get involved.

Here in the Netherlands we are slowly “opening up” normal life again, while still struggling with fluctuating infection numbers. We have started again with classes on campus, with the rule that we cannot be with more than 75 students in a classroom at a time. We are of course very curious how this is going to work out the coming months, though we are happy to have the energy of the students back in our buildings again.

Due to the current uncertainty of the COVID rates in the Netherlands and the changing travel rules we have decided that it is not a moment to stimulate and promote a large group of students travelling internationally. Therefore, we are happy to share with you that we will be organizing our International Mobility Week online again! Last year we had a wonderful week, and we are confident that we can have again a valuable online international experience. Also, we are hopeful that by organizing our Mobility Week online, we can make it possible for even more of you to join! The International days will take place from November 10-12th, 2021.

Therefore, I would like to send you the link for registration which you can use to register yourself, and your students. Please be sure to register by October 31st so that we have a good indication of numbers and can make the appropriate online arrangements for groups/accounts etc.

If you would like to join us for the staff program, please also register via this link. The staff program will take place on November 11th and will focus on exploring different frameworks and terminology for incorporating international competencies into our curriculums.

If possible, it would also be wonderful if some of you would be willing to coach a group of students again this year! Students will work on group projects together and get a ‘challenge’ every day. The coach ‘stops by’ on Wednesday and Thursday (roughly 30-60 mins) to see how the students are progressing. On Friday coaches are present for the presentations. There is an option on the registration form to sign up to be a coach so please let us know!

here is a brief overview of the course so students have an idea of the timing of the sessions and the course assignment. It is expected that students attend all sessions because they will be working in groups. If you have students who would like to participate but have to miss a session, just have them email myself or Jodie and we will look at options.

We are excited to see that there are already many registrations for the week!

If there are any questions please do contact us and we look forward to hopefully seeing you all online very soon! If you would like to meet for a quick chat, I will also be attending the online COTEC-ENOTHE conference this week as I’m sure many of you are, so we can meet for an online coffee!


Best Regards,


Also on behalf of Jodie, Irene and Hanifa – the Mobility week organization team