Message from the President (Summer 2018)

Marie-Antoinette Minis
(ENOTHE President)

Annual Meeting 2018
An inspiring 4 days are already behind us. The board visited the host of the 2018 Annual Meeting, Silvia Martins and her team at the Escola Superior de Saúde do Alcoitão – ESSA in Estoril/Cascais. They were happy to share the locations and events. We have five confirmed excellent keynote speakers and are waiting for final confirmation of the sixth. We have also had the highest number of abstract submissions and all those who have been accepted have been contacted. Detailed information will continue to be shared through the website and social media.
ENOTHE organisation
The new constitution and being able to manage our own bank account speeds up processing activities. ExOrdo, a software programme, was used to process the abstracts thus making the whole experience more professional and less time consuming as in the past. 
ENOTHE Strategic actions
The strategy plan is still leading the direction of ENOTHE. This can be seen in SPOT Europe where they refer to the ENOTHE strategic plan to underpin their vision, mission and policy.
The first steps in the development of the ENOTHE Academy have been made. Based on requests of several countries the plan is to create guidelines of how to begin an Occupational Therapy Programme. In time this will be made accessible through the website. The ENOTHE board is looking for experienced colleagues that can help building these guidelines. Please approach the board if you are willing and able to share this knowledge.
OT-Europe visible and valued
The Presidents of COTEC and ENOTHE are preparing a lean constitution for OT-EU in collaboration with both boards. Board members and representatives of the ENOTHE network have been present at several meetings and conferences as demonstrated in this in this newsletter.