Minimum standards for the Education of Occupational Therapists revised 2016

During the Annual Meeting Yara Peterko kindly stepped in to share her knowledge about the WFOT Minimum Standards of Occupational Therapy Education.Ā 

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During the ENOTHE Annual Meeting I had the opportunity to answer some of your questions regarding the WFOT and the minimum standards. As theĀ ENOTHE Board thought this could be interesting to all of you, this short summary includes the main topics, that have been discussed in Zagreb after the WFOT Power Point Presentation.

Occupational Therapy is a rather young profession that has gone through paradigm shifts during the last decades and has developed over the years. More and more countries are offering educational programmes. By this year the WFOT has 67 full members, that means 67 different countries offer programmes to train future Occupational Therapists in WFOT approved programmes.

To ensure that the students graduate with the same competences and have the same understanding about Occupational Therapy, the WFOT developed Minimum Standards for the Education of Occupational Therapists. These standardsĀ were revised in 2016 and a digital copy has been shared with the member countries in September 2016.

The member organisation has permission to circulate the document to WFOT approved education institutions/universities and the WFOT requested them to do so.

A digital copy can be purchased through the online WFOT Store.