Looking back on the 23rd Annual Meeting 2017

Looking back on the 23rd Annual Meeting in Zagreb, by Soemitro Poerbodipoero.

“The welcoming of the team in Croatia as well as the engagement of the entire ENOTHE board and office were great. The keynotes and the workshop were very interesting as well. Thanks for such an event with very high quality”.

“I really enjoyed the wide perspective of the presentations”.

“Structure and balance of the content of the days were good”.

“Fantastic annual meeting, I enrich my work as a lecturer”.

“Students got their podium with SPOTeurope”.

“Really nice meeting, first time as a student but it was great”.

“The Food was sooooo good!”.

To good to be true?

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ROTOS Report – December 2017

4. RotosIn the last 12 months the third ‘leg’ of OT-Europe, with the support of ENOTHE and COTEC has made big progress. During the year a standing ROTOS committee was established:

[ezcol_2third]Standing Committee Members

Chair: Esther Steultjens, The Netherlands

Vice-Chair: Allison Laver-Fawcett, UK

Members:  Niall Turner, Ireland – to lead on funding

Panagiotis Siaperas, Greece (ENOTHE representative)

Anne Lawson-Porter, UK (COTEC representative – until September 2017)

Naomi Hankinson, UK (COTEC representative – from October 2017).

The ROTOS Standing Committee had the first face to face meeting in London on June 2017 and the second will be on January 2018.

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