New FARG representative

The Financial Advisory Reference Group (FARG) role involves beingĀ responsible to the ENOTHE Board to provide scrutiny and overview of how ENOTHE financial business is conducted on behalf of the members of ENOTHE.

The group is made up of 2 nominated individuals who are from ENOTHE member Institutions. Roles for this reference group are for a period of four years.

At the 2017 Annual Meeting Luc Vercruysse stepped down from his role with FARG. We thank Luc for his contribution at the General Assemblies and work behind the scenes in relation to the ENOTHE finances over the last few years.

We now welcomeĀ Brigitte Loder-Fink fromĀ FH Joanneum University of Applied Sciences, Austria, who is the new FARG representative and will join Ton Satink.


Ton Satink is joined by new FARG representative, Brigitte Loder-Fink.