ROTOS Report – December 2017

4. RotosIn the last 12 months the third ‘leg’ of OT-Europe, with the support of ENOTHE and COTEC has made big progress. During the year a standing ROTOS committee was established:

[ezcol_2third]Standing Committee Members

Chair: Esther Steultjens, The Netherlands

Vice-Chair: Allison Laver-Fawcett, UK

Members:  Niall Turner, Ireland – to lead on funding

Panagiotis Siaperas, Greece (ENOTHE representative)

Anne Lawson-Porter, UK (COTEC representative – until September 2017)

Naomi Hankinson, UK (COTEC representative – from October 2017).

The ROTOS Standing Committee had the first face to face meeting in London on June 2017 and the second will be on January 2018.

[/ezcol_2third] [ezcol_1third_end]Panagiotis Siaperas[/ezcol_1third_end]The aim is to meet twice a year once when OT-EU meets at either the ENOTHE Annual Meeting or COTEC General Assembly. Regular Skype meetings took place during 2017 and will take place in between the face to face meetings in 2018.

The initial funding of ROTOS is shared equally between COTEC and ENOTHE with the approval of the two AGMs with the aim that ROTOS will become self-sufficient over time.

The main aim of ROTOS is to establish a strong European Network of OT and OS researchers that both support access to occupation-based knowledge for all EU citizens, and strengthens the occupation-based knowledge generation. With this perspective the standing committee took the following actions in order to build partnerships to populate ROTOS and develop a common understanding with key stakeholders:

  • A presentation of a workshop at the Occupational Science conference 8-9th September in Germany.
  • A launch workshop at COTEC governance day in Vienna for the national members of COTEC 30th of September in Vienna.
  • A launch workshop at ENOTHE conference in Zagreb, Croatia 26th-28th October.

During 2018 the standing committee will inform both ENOTHE and COTEC members for any developments and the ROTOS website will updated with news and information.