SPOTeurope News

Over the last few months SPOTeurope has grown massively and gathered lots of new student interest. We’re excited to continue this rate of growth over the coming months in order to maintain momentum in achieving our goal of connecting OT students across Europe, as well as increasing student involvement in internationalisation opportunities such as the ENOTHE annual meeting. We want to give you an update of our latest activities and hope you’ll be just as enthusiastic as we are!

Board of SPOTeurope
We’ve increased our Board from 2 to 7 members. We now have a student in the following roles: Social Media Lead, Outreach Lead, Blogger and Mini SPOT coordinators. At the moment everyone is getting comfortable and the first steps are taken, which you can see on our website, forum & social media. You can ‘meet’ our new board members on our website:

Besides our board, we’ve also increased the number of student representatives. We now have 21 reps in 16 schools across 11 countries and still counting on! Is one of your students already part of our student representatives team? You can have a look at our website to see if your school is represented. If not, don’t hesitate to contact us by sending an email to:

At the moment we are developing a panel of students, who will offer the board advice and feedback on all our projects. We already have a group of students who are part of this and helping SPOT developing further. Of course we are open for more enthusiastic and critical students, so again, email us if you know someone suitable!

In the future we want to develop a MiniSPOT in every OT school in Europe. To get there, we are now creating a pilot in 1 school and developing a ‘how-to guide’, so we can roll out this project across Europe. Stay tuned!

We’ve promoted individual student activities across Europe through blogs and social media. Besides this, we’ve run workshops promoting student internationalisation, SPOT and ENOTHE at different ‘international weeks/days’ within Europe. We’ve asked our student representatives to do the same and give a presentation to their peers to increase awareness for internationalisation, SPOT & ENOTHE!

In the upcoming future we hope to see you at the COHEHRE congress in Belgium where we will be increasing out understanding of methods of student engagement in order to promote even more positive experiences within ENOTHE. We’ll also be promoting SPOT and getting to know more of our European paramedical students. One of our team will be at the WFOT Congress in South Africa, to increase the SPOT network and share this experience via the SPOT website and social media. We plan to host an OTalk at Twitter. Follow us on Facebook & Twitter to keep up to date about all our activities!

If you (or your students) are not yet participating, don’t hesitate to contact us via mail ( or social media. As well you can stimulate your students to have a look at the website, join the (free!) online forum, like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter!

Looking forward to connecting with you!