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Current Webinars

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Past Webinars:

23rd June, 2022 – 17:00CET



29th September, 2021 – 18:00CET

“COIL (collaborative online intercultural learning) in OT – COPILOT”


Elisabeth Fattinger

FH JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences (FHJ)


Brief description:

New challenges and chances in our global, technology-focused, and fast-changing modern-day society require a new set of competences from young health care professionals, often referred to as “21st century” skills: cultural sensitivity, efficient collaboration in diverse teams, problem-solving, and critical and creative thinking. Collaborative online intercultural learning in OT education can make a huge contribution to the development of these skills and can reach all our students, not just those who go abroad. So– how can we provide it?

The Erasmus+ project COPILOT (Cooperative Online Peer & Intercultural Learning in Occupational Therapy), consisting of six OT degree programs from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Sweden, Switzerland and the Netherlands, has created and tested a model, nine online modules, a manual with practical tips as well as supporting resources that allow you to implement this kind of learning in your OT program. For more information, please browse Course: COPILOT Webinar (fh-joanneum.at) (please register and then click “enroll as a student”).

The webinar is meant as a hands-on introduction to COPILOT learning: After a brief survey of basics (model, material), we will go through the seven steps of implementation to show you how to use our OT-related online modules for collaborative intercultural learning at your institution. Time will be set aside for your questions!


See the recording of the presentation here


2nd June, 2021 – 18:00CET

“Integrating Occupational Science in a Competence-Based Curriculum for Occupational Therapy Program in Finland”


Annikki Arola, PhD

Principal lecturer in Occupational Therapy

Arcada UAS Helsinki, Finland

Brief description:

Higher Education has a responsibility to empower students with an innovative approach and competence to drive social change. These issues can be addressed by a recognition of Occupational Science (OS) as a core base in the Occupational Therapy (OT) education. This broadens the occupational therapists´ competence to work with occupational challenges that starts with individuals, continues to communities and advances to whole populations regardless of cultural context. In this webinar we will present and discuss the results of a long term and systematic work with a competence-based curriculum development in occupational therapy program. Curriculum was developed by choosing concepts from OS and to progressively integrate them in major subject throughout the OT studies.

See the recording of the presentation here


19th May, 2021 – 18:00CET

“Blended learning: integrating virtual and face to face teaching in occupational therapy programmes at the University of Plymouth”


Fiona Fraser

Programme Lead for MOccTh (Hons)Occupational Therapy

University of Plymouth

United Kingdom

Dr Alison Warren

Academic Lead for Occupational Therapy

University of Plymouth

United Kingdom

Brief Description:

This webinar will provide an overview of the transition into blended learning at the University of Plymouth though sharing some of the successes and the challenges faced. It provides an opportunity for all to reflect on blended learning and its future in occupational therapy education.

See the recording of the presentation here


21st April, 2021 – 18:00CET

“Internationalising the Curriculum (IoC) -how to start?”


Ann Johansson
Senior lecturer
School of Health and Welfare
Jönköping University

Lucie Weissova
International Relations Manager
International Office
Jönköping University

Brief description:

Globalisation is step by step reshaping the landscape of higher education and making new demands of higher education institutions to prepare its graduate to the challenge of living and working in a globally connected world. The internationalised curriculum will acknowledge the importance of intercultural and international skills and knowledge and the ability to think and act in a local, nation and global context.
Ann and Lucie will unpack the IoC notion, present the key concept and the rationales for internationalising the curriculum. Further they will present a tool for starting and continuing the IoC process and some practical suggestion for the work.

See the recording of the presentation here


23rd November, 2020

“Preparation & delivery of an on-line simulated practice placement in occupational therapy during COVID-19 outbreak”


Elena Gliki, OT, MEd., BSc (Hons)

Programme Leader BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy

Metropolitan College, Athens, Greece (Maroussi Campus)

Aim: to give an overview of the placement simulation and discuss ways to overcome the difficulties in occupational therapy education caused by the outbreak around the world.

See the recording of the presentation here.

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