Summary of the 23rd ENOTHE Annual Meeting 2017

The 23rd ENOTHE Annual Meeting took place on 26th ‚Äď 28th October 2017 and was hosted by the Croatian Association of Occupational Therapists (H.U.R.T.), at the Hotel Panorama, Zagreb, Croatia.22853327_10159451449370291_2435317618660961701_n

Over 300 delegates took part in presentations, workshops, seminars, posters and social events that took place during the event. In 2017 134 abstracts were accepted for the 23rd Annual Meeting making this one of the best attended over the last five years.

Thank you to¬†SaŇ°a Radińá and the Croatian Association of Occupational Therapists¬†for all their¬†great work behind the scenes before and during the conference.¬†The¬†contributions of the organising committee and the volunteers¬†(made up of local students, teachers and clinical practitioners) added so much to the smooth running of the whole occasion. In addition, the handmade delegate bags were very special and¬†appreciated by all the participants.¬†

We have uploaded photos of the Annual Meeting on our Facebook page, in the Zagreb, Croatia 2017 photo album. Some of the highlights are below:

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Board meeting Zagreb, Croatia 26 & 27 May 2017

Board meeting hosted at the new headquarters of the Croatian Association of Occupational Therapists, Zagreb, Croatia 26 & 27 May 2017. 

Friday 26 May we spent the day working on abstract selection, development of the programme structure and content. Here is a photograph of the SaŇ°a Radic, host lead for the October Annual, Marie-Antoinette Minis, President of ENOTHE and Professor Verner Majijanńćińá, from the University of Rejika, Croatia. The lunchtime meeting was arranged to enable sharing of advice and support for the development of a new occupational therapy programme at the University.


Saturday 27 May was a full day for the Board focusing on marketing, the future of the ENOTHE office, budgets, projects and membership fees.



Update on the preparations for the Annual Meeting Zagreb, Croatia

Article forwarded by Mandy Boaz, ENOTHE Coordinator.

Palańća DVERCE (palaise Dverce)

Well done to SaŇ°a Radińá, host lead and her team in Zagreb, Croatia who have successfully secured the beautiful Dverce Palace to hold the social¬†drinks reception.¬†It is anticipated that the Lord Mayor of Zagreb will be there to welcome all the Annual Meeting participates.[ezcol_1half]PalacaDverce(inside)2[/ezcol_1half][ezcol_1half_end]Dverce_Palace[/ezcol_1half_end] Read more