Summary of the 23rd ENOTHE Annual Meeting 2017

The 23rd ENOTHE Annual Meeting took place on 26th – 28th October 2017 and was hosted by the Croatian Association of Occupational Therapists (H.U.R.T.), at the Hotel Panorama, Zagreb, Croatia.22853327_10159451449370291_2435317618660961701_n

Over 300 delegates took part in presentations, workshops, seminars, posters and social events that took place during the event. In 2017 134 abstracts were accepted for the 23rd Annual Meeting making this one of the best attended over the last five years.

Thank you to Saša Radić and the Croatian Association of Occupational Therapists for all their great work behind the scenes before and during the conference. The contributions of the organising committee and the volunteers (made up of local students, teachers and clinical practitioners) added so much to the smooth running of the whole occasion. In addition, the handmade delegate bags were very special and appreciated by all the participants. 

We have uploaded photos of the Annual Meeting on our Facebook page, in the Zagreb, Croatia 2017 photo album. Some of the highlights are below:

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Evaluation of the 23rd ENOTHE Annual Meeting 2017

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Gala dinner – Eating Without Borders

The Croatian Association of Occupational Therapists (H.U.R.T.) and Udruga Renato invites all participants of the 23rd ENOTHE Annual Meeting 2017 to the Gala dinner “EATING WITHOUT BORDERS” at the Restaurant of the Museum of Arts & Crafts, as part of the Annual Meeting and in celebration of World Occupational Therapy Day 2017.

Latest Programme for 23rd ENOTHE Annual Meeting 2017

We are pleased to release the latest version of the programme. This will enable you to find dates and times of all key note speakers, presentations, workshops, seminars, posters and social events that are taking place during the Congress.

For those presenting a poster please note that posters need to be A0 size which is 1189 mm high and 841 mm wide.

The programme choices for workshops and presentations have been sent to all members and participants. 

There are a few late Market Place applications that we are currently reviewing that will be added to the programme in due course.

Finally with less than 1 month to go, we look forward to meeting you in the city with a million hearts, Zagreb, Croatia. 

If you have any issues or queries about the programme schedule please email

Occupational Therapists, chefs without borders and ENOTHE

What do occupational therapists, chefs without borders and ENOTHE have in common?


The Croatian Association of Occupational Therapists has been a project partner of “Erasmus+ and CP wellbeing project” since 2016. The project’s practical workshop will be featured as a part of ENOTHE Annual Meeting humanitarian gala dinner.

With Association Renato – chefs without borders, under the leadership of master chef Mr.Branko Ognjenović (association founder), participants will be introduced with the possibilities of preparing and shaping food for individuals with swallowing and chewing problems.


Marketplaces at the ENOTHE Annual Meeting 2017

We are still looking for more interested participants wanting to run market stands for our market place area at our annual meeting.
We only ask that you attend your stand during non-workshop/presentation/keynote periods.
The cost for this is FREE!

We actively want to encourage and support you to promote your OT related research, development, organisation or educational organisation/programme. 

More information can be found on the Zagreb Annual Meeting page.

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